Misplaced Mobile Device Charts : the world of lost smartphones infographic
Misplaced Mobile Device Charts the world of lost smartphones infographic
Data Loss Prevention: When Mobile Device Management Isn't Enough
Data Loss Prevention When Mobile Device Management Isn t Enough
Track your lost wallet with a chip & mobile app - Apps News | Gadgets Now
Track your lost wallet with a chip mobile app - Apps News Gadgets Now
You’ve Lost or Had Your Mobile Phone Stolen on Holiday, Now What?
You ve Lost or Had Your Mobile Phone Stolen on Holiday Now What
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losing a mobile device : After Losing a Mobile Device. If you accidentally lost your phone, the first step should be using remote location services to try to find it. Tip: Always keep 'Find my device' setting 'On'.Both the BBC’s and the Metropolitan Police Services cases are living examples of the huge need for corporations to employ a Mobile Device Management solution regardless of the size of the organisation. The loss of corporate mobile devices can lead to bad public exposure, loss of personal and corporate data and a breach of corporate security.Losing Your Mobile Device GUEST EDITOR Heather Mahalik is the guest editor for this issue. She is a certified SANS instructor and the Mobile Device Forensics Technical Lead for Basis Technology, working out of Washington, DC. Heather is active on Twitter @heathermahalik. OVERVIEW Mobile devices are used for communication and forMobile devices are on the move, meaning they can more easily be lost or stolen and their screens and keyboards are easier targets for “over the shoulder” browsing. Below is an infographic that shows why you should protect your smartphone and some tips to protect you and your device. Take time to protect your mobile device.Gibbs ponders mobile devices and concludes that enterprises are in serious trouble. There was a time, way back in prehistory, when your user population was manageable. They had PCs but you had ...Protect your Mobile Device from Theft or Loss. So, if you want to take care from this bad situation, you are the right place. in this article you will learn how to take care of your mobile phone information from losing data.While it is true that making corporate data available and accessible to employees can contribute to productivity, this poses risks that can lead to loss. Discover how IT admins can take advantage of mobile device management (MDM) and virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) to ensure that employees can safely access corporate information.At Indiana University, any faculty or staff member, affiliate, or student-employee who uses a mobile device to access, store, or manipulate institutional data must:. Apply appropriate safeguards to the device to mitigate the risk of information exposure due to loss or theft.The rapidly changing technology and portability of mobile devices have forced people to heavily rely on those products. With their increased functionalities, mobile devices carry out a number of our day-to-day activities, such as surfing the web, booking appointments, setting up reminders, sharing files, instant messaging, calling, and even mobile banking.Consumer Reports gives you 5 steps to protect your Smart Phone from theft or loss—and explains what to do if it's missing and when you get it back. ... find the Android Device Manager in Google ...
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