Training a Trotting Tennessee Walking Horse to gait - Part 1 - YouTube
Training a Trotting Tennessee Walking Horse to gait - Part 1 - YouTube
Tennessee walking horse- flat walk, running walk, rack, canter, slow motion - YouTube
Tennessee walking horse - flat walk running walk rack canter slow motion - YouTube
Naturally gaited Tennessee walking horse canter in regular and slow motion - YouTube
Naturally gaited Tennessee walking horse canter in regular and slow motion - YouTube
Golden Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion with true trail gait - YouTube
Golden Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion with true trail gait - YouTube
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tennessee walking horse gaits youtube : The Majestic Rider- owner Gaye DeRusso Flat Walk, Running Walk and Step Pace. I was asked by a customer to put wraps on a horse's so you can see better exactly which are moving,also ...A Barefoot Tennessee Walking Horse, doing her natural gait. She gaits like this wether under saddle or in the field, this is one of those one-in-a-million horses that never trots OR paces! She is ...My horse Sundance Kid, 8 year old TWH gelding, flat walk, running walk, rack and canter, he gets alittle distracted by the girls cantering in the upper arena, but he still gaits pretty well.The Cruel Secret Behind Tennessee's Walking Horses (2014) ... "The Tennessee walking horse has a beautiful natural gait. ... This prize-winning gait known as the Big Lick is achieved by caustic ...This method of training gaited horses to gait is very stress free. I do not use big bits or any very specialized tack. I work with each horse as an individual and help them understand what I am ...J.C. is a 9-yr-old black Tennessee Walking Horse gelding that is extremely smooth gaited, pretty much just automatic transmission. He is for sale at www.cloud9walkers.com.The Tennessee Walking Horse performs three distinct gaits: the flat foot walk, running walk, and canter.These three are the gaits for which the Tennessee Walking Horse is famous, with the running walk being an inherited, natural gait unique to this breed.Violations at the 2014 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration - Duration: 5:49. ... Tennessee Walking Horse- Gaits - Duration: 3:24. Gaye DeRusso 276,513 views. 3:24.Naturally Smooth Gaits. Below are videos of the naturally gaited Tennessee walking horse and fox trotting horses I ride. They are ridden barefoot, in mild snaffle bits, without abusive gait altering substances, and without mechanical devices.Seven-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare is ridden barefoot at the canter, flat walk, running walk, and free walk in the snow. Horse: Gift of Freedom Rider, owner, trainer: Jennifer Klitzke For ...
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